Colorado Cabinet Coatings

Cabinet Painting Services in Pueblo CO

Colorado Cabinet Coatings offers cabinet painting services in Pueblo, CO to revamp your outmoded cabinets. We offer a plethora of head-turning color selections. Our long-lasting finishes and sleek touches give your cabinets a model home look. Our painting experts can follow your specific guidelines and color requirements. Our cabinet painting services will enhance the appeal of your kitchen. Contact us today to give your cabinets a fresh new look.

New Cabinet Door Services in Pueblo CO

Upgrade and freshen up the ambiance of your kitchen with our new cabinet doors in Pueblo, CO. We offer a wide selection of door styles to best suit your decor. Whether you prefer a modern design or a traditional look, we will bring your vision to life. Schedule a free consultation with us to give your kitchen a modern or a vintage look, with beautiful long-lasting results.

New Hardware and Hinges Provider in Pueblo CO

We are one of the best hardware and hinge providers in Pueblo, CO to complement your cabinet design. We provide hidden, soft-close hinges to protect the stability of your cabinet doors and avoid loud slamming for a more peaceful environment. Our top-notch handles, knobs, and hinges are the best fit with the contemporary styles of your doors. Because we do not resell handles and knobs, in conjunction with our cabinet painting service, we offer a 40% discount on hardware we order for you from our preferred vendor. Our hidden, soft-close hinges add a sleek appearance to your updated kitchen and bath vanity cabinets. We are dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us to upgrade your cabinets with new hardware and hinges today!

Faux Finish Services in Pueblo CO

Colorado Cabinet Coatings offers faux finish services in Pueblo, CO. Our faux finishes give cabinets a unique and attractive appearance. Our faux finishes add the depth and interest of an antiqued piece of furniture to cabinet surfaces. Faux finish services are a versatile and practical solution for upgrading the look of cabinets. Whether you’re renovating kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or any other space, our faux finishes will help you achieve the desired look at a reasonable cost. Request a quote or schedule a free consultation to revamp your outdated cabinets.