Colorado Cabinet Coatings

Highlands Ranch, CO

Cabinet Painting Services in Highlands Ranch CO

Looking for a kitchen makeover? Select Colorado Cabinet Coatings’ cabinet painting services in Highlands Ranch, CO. We offer a free quote and color consultation. We are family-owned and locally operated, in business since 2006. Working with neighbors, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Contact us now about our cabinet painting services, and get discount offers. Our supportive team is always ready to help you.

New Cabinet Door services in Highlands Ranch CO

Colorado Cabinet Coatings provides a large selection of new cabinet doors in Highlands Ranch, CO. A modern cabinet door design enhances the beauty of your kitchen. We offer the latest designs to meet your decor requirements. Quality is key to our success. If you want to discuss your cabinet ideas, feel free to contact us. We provide free consultations to give you a quote, and help you to select colors, and door styles and profiles. Our experts will provide you with a stunningly beautiful finish.

New Hardware and Hinges Provider in Highlands Ranch CO

We provide new hardware and hinges for our cabinet painting customers in Highlands Ranch, CO. We provide durable, high quality materials for your kitchen, bathroom and office. We can re-use your existing hinges on existing doors, or install new, all metal, fully adjustable, soft-close, hidden hinges.

Because we do not resell handles and knobs, in conjunction with our cabinet painting service, we offer a 40% discount on hardware we order for you from our preferred vendor. You may opt to buy your own hardware elsewhere, but the offer for a high quality product that we can bring to your installation is worth a look. Contact us now to get the best hardware and hinges in Highlands Ranch.

Faux Finish Services in Highlands Ranch CO

Colorado Cabinet Coatings offers faux finish services in Highlands Ranch, CO, providing a wide range of glazing techniques and distressing to transform any cabinets. Our glazing experts use high-quality materials and techniques to achieve stunning finishes on your cabinets that create a rustic feel. Colorado Cabinet Coatings has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. Our faux finish services are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are durable and easy to maintain, making us a cost-effective solution for homeowners and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.