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Cabinet Coating

We refurbish cabinets for a cabinet makeover or install new cabinet doors, rather than costly cabinet refacing. Have you considered paint for your kitchen or bathroom cabinet makeover? 

Painted cabinets are on trend and a beautiful option to refurbish your kitchen cabinets. You will be amazed at the quality and beauty that we create using your existing cabinets. Our process gives you the look of upscale cabinets in the color of your choice. We paint cabinets with a smooth durable acrylic paint. In addition you can choose to have a faux finish applied to create a glazed or distressed look, all at a lower cost than replacing or refacing your cabinets.

Our showroom has examples of full sized cabinets and lots of sample painted cabinet doors in a vast variety of colors and glaze techniques to help you decide on the look you want to achieve.

We are proud of our on-time installations and high quality work.

Not sure what colors are best for your cabinet painting project? Our interior design service is here to help.  An interior design consultation is a wise and cost effective way to save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

If you opt to refurbish your existing cabinets, the cabinet painting process is easy on you, your budget and your home. Here is how it works:

First, choose ANY color for your painted cabinet doors and frames to match your décor.

We do the rest!

  • To start the cabinet coating process, we remove your existing cabinet doors and drawers from your cabinet frames and take them to our shop. (New cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available as an option.)
  • All hardware and felt bumpers are removed from your cabinet doors.
  • Each cabinet door and drawer front is power or hand sanded.
  • Next, they are coated with one coat of high quality primer.
  • At this point, flaws are repaired and gaps are caulked.
  • Then, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts receive up to 4 coats of quality acrylic paint using our H.L.V.P. spraying equipment. Our high quality acrylic paint produces a smooth coating with a film strength which exceeds factory applied baked enamel.
  • If a glazing technique for an "Old World" look is what you have chosen, this is completed meticulously by hand by our interior designer and professional painters.
  • Meanwhile, your cabinet frames are cleaned, and then sanded. The cabinet frames are hand painted by our experienced painters using the same products applied on the cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Finally, new bumpers are installed to each cabinet door, hardware is assembled, cabinet doors and drawers are reinstalled to the cabinet frames which were finished in your home.

THE RESULT: Refurbished cabinets with a beautifully smooth and durable finish, in your choice of colors, which will last for years and brighten and update your home!

Our total cabinet painting process typically takes only 5 business days from start to finish (average size kitchen). Our professional team is prompt and courteous.

Contact us for a free in-home Cabinet Coating estimate today!

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